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The college offers an exclusive course in Arabic language and literature and Islamic studies- that is a two year Afzal ul ulama course, a three year B.A Afzal ul ulama course and a two year M.A (Post Afzal ul ulama) course.

Eligibility to join the Preliminary course is a pass in the SSLC or school final exam. For B.A a pass in the Preliminary exam or Plus two exam with arabic as second language. For Post Afzal ul ulama a pass in the B.A Afzal ul ulama is the requirements.


It is a two year foundation course in Arabic language and literature with courses in Quran, Hadith, Fiqh and Islamic history apart from two papers in english. End of year exams are conducted by the University and those who pass the exam can join B.A Afzal ul ulama course. At the same time they are eligible to work in schools as UPSA and LPSA (Arabic)

First Year- Five Papers:

Part .1. Arabic Paper Prose
Part.2. English Paper 1. Prose and Grammar

Div.1. Paper 1. Classical Literature
Div.2. Paper 1. History of Islam.
Div.3. Paper 1. Islamic Jurisprudence.

Second Year – Six Papers:

Part 1. Arabic.Paper 2. Prose and Poetry.
Paper 3. Grammar morphology and Composition
Part.2. English : Paper 2. Drama and Novel.Part.3.

Div.1. Paper 2. Classical Literature
Div.2. Paper.2. History of Islam and History of Arabic Literature.
Div.3. Paper.2. Islamic Jurisprudence.


It is a three year Degree course.  Now the course follows the choice and credit semester system adopted by the University.  There are six semesters altogether having two semesters in each academic year.

First Year- Four Papers.

Part.1. Arabic. Paper.1. Quran and Ilmul Quran.
Paper.2. Grammar, Rhetoric and Composition.
Part.2. English: Paper 1. Prose and Grammar.
Part.3. Paper.1. Functional Commercial and Journalistic Arabic with Computer awareness.

Second Year- Four Papers.

Part.1. Arabic. Paper.3. Hadith and Usoolul Hadith.
Part.2. English: Paper.2. Poetry and Drama.
Part.3. Paper.2. Modern Literature.
Paper.3. Novel, Drama and Literary Criticism.

Third Year- Six Papers:

Part.3. Paper.4. Grammar, Rhetoric and Prosody.
Paper.5. Classical Literature .
Paper.6. History of Arabic Literature.
Paper.7. Islamic Jurisprudence and Logic.
Paper.8. History of Islam, Pholosophy and Aqaid.
Paper.9. Translation and Composition.


It is a two year P.G course with four semesters.  It is a masters degree course attain mastery in modern and classic Arabic language and literature and Islamic subjects.

First Semester

Paper1. Classical Prose.
Paper.2. Classical Poetry.
Paper.3.Translation &Journalistic Arabic.
Paper.4. Islamic Economy.

Second Semester

Paper.1. Drama &Short Story .
Paper.2. Advanced Grammar& Functional Arabic.
Paper.3. Modern Poetry.
Paper.4. Science of Jurisprudence.

Third Semester.

Paper.1. Linguistics.
Paper.2. Literary Criticism .
Paper.3. Comparative Religion .
Paper.4. Principles of Jurisprudence.

Fourth Semester.

Paper.1. Novel.
Paper.2. Contemporary Arab World.
Paper.3. Indo Arabic Literature.
Paper.4. Essay.Viva-voce.

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